Photography, Film Making, Video, and Digital Content Creation for Brands, Corporate, and Documentaries.

Bold images based on inspiring stories

A simplified process to retain the beauty of authenticity.


Films and Photography Production, from initial idea to final delivery.


For editorial fashion photography, advertising campaigns, or catalogs, we have a wide range of experience to make your brand stand out and target the right audience. Discover our fashion photography, films and moving images here.


A great portrait is a powerful vibration. It tells so much about who is photographed. It doesn’t matter if you are famous or not, everybody has its own vibes. The light, the frame, and the emotion will shape your image. Discover our portrait selection here.


A great documentary starts with a real understanding of the topic. What is the message, the story, and who tells the story? The author adds its own sensitivity to make a compelling story make with bold content. Discover our documentary film here.


Entertain, surprise, or tease your audience on your different social platforms is a must-have. The tone, the pace, and the length are essential to add value to your feed. Discover here our latest short commercial videos for brands engagement on Facebook and Instagram.


Your business has its own story. What do you want to tell and who is your target? Is it B2B or B2C? What are the core values of your company? We want to help you reach your goal by providing the best corporate film and corporate photography shooting. Discover or corporate shootings here.


There are so many great visual ways to stand out nowadays. Timelapses, hyper-lapse, slow motion, stop motion, gif, … Discover our moving images here.    

Real Estate
Great projects need outstanding images
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Fashion & Beauty
For editorial, advertising campaign or catalog, we cover it all
Let's shine
Make a difference with compelling images
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Health & Beauty
When aesthetics are a priority
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Beauty & Cosmetics
When makeup and art are one
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Dining & Places to eat
Share a unique moment in an exceptional place
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BKKFLM creates digital visual content by combining film, photography, and video for brands, fashion, corporate, or documentaries. 

BKKFLM is founded and run by Julien De Wilde, an international award-winning photographer and TIFA Tokyo photographer of the year in 2019.

Julien De Wilde is passionate about Japanese black and white photography. His time is spent making images of people, both in film and photography.

Born in Belgium, Julien discovered Thailand in the 2000s and has never stopped loving this country.

Discover his personal website here.

Discover his prizes and awards here

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